So where do you get your inspiration from? Who in your team(s) shows that spark to become a great leader? And how are you stopping them from doing this? Yes, you read that correctly as I too have been guilty of that.

As a director, I had a team member who really wasn’t pulling their weight. They arrived on the hour. Always had lunch breaks, had their coat on 5 minutes before end of day and the highest sickness record.

A new product line was about to be launched, so I decided to give them the responsibility to manage with full support. It was then I realised that it was ‘MY’ leadership qualities that were in question. As I started to empower this person as opposed to constantly remove responsibility they flourished!

KnowledgeI looked to expand my own knowledge on this and other management skills and here we now arrive with the sharing of the seven secrets of good leaders which were relayed to me as I went through the coaching academy…

1. Develop and maintain a clear vision
If you don’t know where you are heading, how can you expect those around you to know where they should be heading for!

2. EmpowerEmpower staff to make that vision a reality (refer to above anecdote!)
Give power and authority (while maintaining overall responsibility) refraining from micro or distant management. Be there as a support without being controlling.

3. Actively and continually focus on people in the context of the vision
Development is a must for continued success. Set up training, teach, insure that your team are the best that they can be by putting time into their development.

4. Focus on team behaviour with positive expectations
Start by believing in your team! From this, understand that what they wish to achieve is the best for the organisation.

5. Set an excellent personal example in the workplace
How can you criticise others for spending time on Facebook if you spend all your free time tweeting? Lead by example for others to follow.

6. Maintain the highest integrity at all times
Integrity is the lasting quality in our work. It establishes reputation and promotes the credibility of our efforts. We may not always make the most popular decision but as long as it’s for the overall good of the organisation, people will know we are looking to do the best we can.

7. Be realistic
Setting un-realistic budget targets with the intention to push teams to the limit doesn’t work! Set realistic targets that stretch the teams without breaking them. Set SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals.

So start the ball rolling yourself by adopting these into your leadership manner and see the difference it makes. Then contact us and see how much further this can be improved by taking on a business coach.

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